Real Estate Etiquette: Seller’s Edition

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  18.05.2016

  1. Be ready to clean – Clean before advertising photos are taken and clean before every showing. Clean everything from window sills to walls and everything in between.
  2. Be ready to tidy – Cluttered rooms appear smaller, smaller spaces offer reduced value. Put away personal items, valuable items, and/or religious items so the home is as generic as possible.
  3. Be ready to do maintenance – Replace your furnace filter, clean the gutters, replace rusted fixtures, and upgrade any other minor esthetic items because if there is a home inspection, these items will be identified and magnified.
  4. Vacate the premises – Leave the house during every showing. It is not mandatory, but it is appreciated by every party. Many potential buyers are not comfortable with touring a home with the home owner looking over their shoulder and will often rush through it unable to envision themselves living in the space.
  5. Tend to the yard – It will be beneficial to tidy up the yard, as curb appeal goes a long way in attracting buyers. Cut the grass, plant some flowers, etc.
  6. Eradicate any odors – Air the home out, use air fresheners, buy an air purifier, it will go a long way in improving showing quality.
  7. Check your ego at the door – Depending on the market, there is a chance you might receive low ball offers. It is important to focus on the goal of selling the house, and not taking offense, because it could be an opportunity for some creative negotiations.
  8. Choose the right representation – The REALTOR® representing your home, is also representing you, and the home itself. Make sure they are readily available for all incoming inquiries.
  9. Pay your due diligence – Leave the home in the same condition you would like to have in your new home. Clean, empty, and free from any new holes in the walls from moving your furniture out.

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