BUYER BEWARE: 4 Detrimental Tricks Of The Trade For First-Time Home Buyers

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  03.12.2018

  1. Searching listings – Not all home search engines carry all of the available listings, many will only carry their own brokerages listings or listings that have been purchased so you may be missing out on some great options. For full access try which will give you access to all listings, but the right REALTOR® will give you access to even more homes for sale.
  2. Subscriptions – You do not have to sign up to a brokers website to look at a single listing. If you know the address, go to a generic website like and search the address there.
  3. Paying too much – You may be inclined to take matters in your own hands when pursuing your dream home but remember that the listing agent is representing the seller and a “For Sale By Owner” is representing themselves. So who is representing you? Always have your own buying REALTOR®, they will ensure you are not paying more than the home is worth. Accept buyer’s representation, it’s free!
  4. Being too private – When you first consult a REALTOR® regarding your home purchase, they will have a lot of questions. Each question comes with a purpose and refusing to answer or giving a false answer may derail your home purchasing success. Trust your choice in REALTOR® and remember they are legally obligated to protect your best interest and keep all of your information confidential.

Purchasing your first home carries much more risk and liability, call Tanya LaRose at 1-306-380-7325 for professional buyer’s representation.

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