7 Ways To Control Your Emotions In Order To Successfully Sell Your Home

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  03.02.2020

Selling your home can be a very emotional time in life. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of days spent in your home can inevitably build a complex emotional bond that can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to break. Here are some tips on how to get ahead of your emotions so you can successfully get a sold sign on your lawn:

  1. Journal – Buy a $2.00 notebook and dedicate it entirely to your home selling journey. It will allow you to organize your thoughts, reflect upon your progress, and document your successes for the next time you have to sell a home. Not a fan of writing? Start a vlog and post it to YouTube, you may be able to help others facing the same task.
  2. Set Your Intentions – Identify the reason you are selling your home and commit to it as a positive experience. Perhaps you have an incredible new job opportunity that requires you to relocate or you are expecting a new baby and need more bedrooms. Setting the intention for selling your home will provide the fuel required to continue with sale of your home regardless of any obstacles that may arise during the interim.
  3. Keep Yourself Accountable – If you find yourself feeling discouraged often, with a delayed sale or negative feedback from a showing, confide in your real estate agent and use them as a touchstone for staying on track in achieving your goals.
  4. Visualize Your Home As A Stock – Real estate is one of the most popular types of investments in the world, and much like stocks, the value goes up and down. The most successful stock investors buy low and sell high, according to the larger financial situation. Reflect upon your financial situation and remember that sometimes you need to take risks for long-term diversification.
  5. Focus Your Emotions On The Next Home – Distract yourself from your emotional ties to the past and embrace the potential in your next home. How can it better accommodate your new life circumstances? What kind of house warming party can you welcome your friends and family with? Where are the nearest walking-trails for you to explore your new neighborhood?
  6. Objectify Your Home – Think of your home from the perception of a consumer. For example, a product on a grocery store shelf must be presented nicely, priced correctly, and be in front of the right buyer to get sold. It is easier to not allow hurt feelings to influence a potential sale, if a few buyers pass without being attracted to your home, if you think of it from the perception of a consumer who has a variety of variable needs.
  7. Remember Memories Do Not Equal Value – The daughter may have had all of her birthday parties in your kitchen and then went on to get married in your beautifully landscaped backyard but that does not mean the price tag increases by $20,000 more than your neighbour’s house which is almost the exact replica of your home.
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