The ABC’s On How To Ensure Your Home Sells Quickly!

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.06.2021

  1. Appropriate Pricing – Market value in 2021 has taken on a life of its own which makes it more important than ever to contact a professional to find out your homes market value. You will also be advised on appropriate sales and marketing strategies to coincide with the final chosen price.
  2. Be Flexible With Showings – In a seller’s market, you will want to prepare to vacate your home quite often for the first 1-7 days. It is important to accomodate showings requests so that your home gets the maximum amount of exposure. Remember to open all the drapes, turn on all the lights, and put away any unmentionables!
  3. Clean Throughout – While homes are selling quickly already, you will  want to ensure your home is clean inside and outside. Just like a dirty car will sell, but you will get a higher price if it is clean. You will need to thoroughly clean it before moving to your next home as well so might as well get ahead of the game.
  4. Declutter – Any space will appear larger with less items inside of it. Square footage sells, especially in a pandemic! Consider donating any gently used household items to single mothers in the area by contacting
  5. Equip Your REALTOR® – Provide them with all pertinent facts about your home, they are on your side and will protect you in case of any unforeseen issues that a home inspection might find. You are the expert on your home while your REALTOR® is the expert on selling it and they cannot sell it properly if you withhold information from them.
  6. Furnishings Matter – If it does not flow with the style of your home or the current decor, you will want to consider putting that old couch that has your napping outline into storage. It is also not recommended that you use old furnture to “stage” you home. If you would like your home staged, you should hire a professional staging company as there are many layers to effectively staging a home to sell.
  7. Get Those Walls Patched – If you are particularily handy, or you have a friend who is a bit of a handyperson, you will want to take the time to patch any dented drywall or touch up paint. The two reasons for this is that most contractors are very busy during the spring and smaller improvement items cost minimal in comparison to how much they improve showing value.
  8. Hit The Market – Typically the busiest season for real estate is in the sping, followed by the fall. You will want to be cognizant of this to capitalize on an increased number of buyers but also know that in a seller’s market, when demand exceeds supply, any time of the year will bode well for your sale as long as the local and global economy continues to support those circumstances.

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