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4 Staple Tips to Help Sell Your Home During the Fall

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.10.2022

Fall is the time for new beginnings. Utilize these tips to help sell your home during this season, and hopefully give others and yourself a potential new beginning. These tips are affordable and/or require a little work that you can do yourself. Read below to see how you can best show your home during these Fall days:

1. Clean Up & Landscape

Make sure to clean up your yard, front and back. Rake up all leaves when they fall, clean up that dead garden, and wash your walkways and driveways. You want to give the best first impression when potential buyers come to view your home.

2. Lighten Up

Fall means shorter days, with evening light disappearing more and more each night. So, it’s important to brighten up your house. Not only will it help buyers see all your home’s great features, but it’ll make it look inviting from the street:

· Clean your windows and screens on both sides before listing

· Make sure all blinds, and window coverings are open as wide as they can go

· Show your home earlier in the day if possible

· Utilize Outdoor landscape lighting, patio lighting or solar pathway lighting

3. Spooky Décor

If you’re selling your home close to Halloween season, you might want to go easy on the spooky décor. If you want to decorate, use pumpkins or décor that can be easily stored away during showings. Just be sure the festive spirit doesn’t dampen the buying spirit of those viewing your home.

4. Utilize Scent

Our sense of smell is one of the biggest triggers of memories and nostalgia, and what would be fall without a little reminiscing? A nice smell gives people the feeling of cleanliness, coziness, and warmth that you want in a potential home. If you can’t get on board with the popular pumpkin spice, try opting for a blend of essential oils, like cinnamon and orange.