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Home Owner Tip #823 – Fall Lawn Care

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 08.09.2016

With the fall season fast approaching, have you given any thought into selling your home in the spring? To successfully sell a home, it must stand out among the competition. Do yourself a favor and prioritize your fall lawn care, this will have a noticeable impact on what your lawn will look like in the spring. Curb appeal is a huge factor in attracting buyers and if you follow these steps, your house is sure to stand out among the rest.

  1. You must aerate to allow fertilizer, sunlight, water, and nutrients to reach deep into the dirt through the hole produced by the aeration.
  2. You must then fertilize to feed your lawn before it goes to sleep during the winter season.
  3. If you really want the most luscious lawn, you must then over seed the lawn by spreading new grass seed all over your existing lawn.
  4. Lastly, you will want to mow your lawn one last time, so the grass is as short as possible without scalping the lawn, sometime around November. This last step will help the first three steps work better.