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6 Fun and Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.06.2022

Summer is right around the corner so you will want to prepare your outdoor space to enjoy the warm weather! There are a number of ways to instantly upgrade your deck, patio, or backyard for $250 or less. Some require a little creativity. But none of the following suggestions demands specialized tools or skills that the average homeowner doesn’t already have:

1. Portable Fire Pit Fires add ambiance and a focal point and are perfect for gathering around at night. They also keep pesky bugs away.

2. Customized Lighting You can hang string lights from trees, along fences, or along the wall of your home, setting the stage for romance or parties. Mason jar and lantern lights can be set on tables, pillars, and posts, and around trees and garden areas for instant ambiance. Lights can be found on Amazon at an affordable price.

3. Party Bar Cart – A fun investment that brings the party to your outdoor space. Stock it with beverages, snacks, ice, and cups to ensure you do not have to go in and out of the house.

4. Revitalize Your Deck – As decks age, they tend to fade in colour. Give the surface a nice wash and scrub to remove any dirt or grime, then add a new layer of stain to bring it back to life.

5. Garden and Greenery – Planting flowers and other greenery around the yard brings life to any area. Make sure to only use appropriate plants that are suitable to the environment so they can thrive.

6. Mirrors – A well placed mirror can make any outdoor area seem bigger and brighter. Faced towards gardens or other greenery will make your outdoor space and home more vibrant.

These are only a few suggestions on how to create an amazing outdoor area for you to enjoy this summer. The goal is to be creative and not break the bank. With a little bit of exploring and searching, you will find the perfect ways to make your deck, patio, or backyard a place you will want to spend all the hot summer days in.

Spring Cleaning 101

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 02.05.2022

After a long winter, spring has finally sprung! But before you open the windows to let in that fresh spring air, you must clean them first. This month we are talking about spring cleaning! If you are planning on selling your home, spring cleaning is an important task you should take. Setting aside time each year to deep clean your home is important to keep your home healthy, organized, and happy. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Through spring cleaning, you can remove dust, mold, and mildew before it becomes a major problem. Giving your entire home a run through is important so start with tasks that apply to all rooms like:

· Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

· Clean windowsills and window tracks

· Vacuum curtains and window blinds

· Wipe down baseboards and shoe molding and dust corners for cobwebs

· Test batteries in all your smoke detectors

· Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches

· Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

· Clean all large appliances, small appliances, and surfaces in your kitchen

Once you have finished the general task, tackle each room separately. Approaching your house room by room is the most effective way to deep clean it. Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized and to remind you of the areas that need extra attention. Feel free to skip the areas that have been cleaned recently and focus on the parts of your home that were neglected over the winter.

Last, use this opportunity to declutter. Overtime we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff that just sits in our homes. While cleaning, keep track of what you can throw away, recycle, sell, or donate. Decluttering will help your home feel cleaner and relaxed.

Top 5 Garden Tips To Improve Your Home’s Showing Value

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.04.2022

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, let's explore how a well-spruced and aesthetically pleasing garden enhances the value of your property, especially if you plan to sell it anytime soon.

1. De-clutter & Maintain: Just like the interiors of your house, your garden also must be de-cluttered and maintained. Winter is harsh on your gardens, especially in Saskatchewan. Harsh winters can affect the fences and trellis along with large shrubs and trees. Once the winter ends, make sure you repair the damaged structures, clean fallen leaves, and remove other debris to prepare your garden for the beautiful spring and summer months.

2. Make It Colourful: Humans are genetically predisposed to colours and therefore it plays a big role in triggering emotions in us. To make your garden attractive and a great place to relax and unwind, opt for colorful flowers.

3. Add Focus Points: When someone walks into your garden, what is the first thing they see? The answer to this question can determine the chances of selling your house. For example, if a beautiful fountain is the focus area of your garden, it is sure to boost your property value and the chances for it to sell. That's why it's important to have a clear focus area that is stunning and attractive for even passers-by.

4. Paint The Fence: This is a cheap way to spruce up your garden and make it more inviting for you and your guests. The best part is you can do it by yourself too!

5. Add Yard Furniture: When you add some garden furniture, it is sure to spruce up the entire place and make it more inviting to your guests. It also shows that the area can also double-up as a cozy place for you to relax and read a book or maybe even listen to some music at the end of a long day.

BONUS: Don’t have a garden, no worries: The same principles apply to plants that are displayed outside in your yard or in your house! Plants make a home feel inviting and provide a warm aesthetic to any area. https://realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/sellersadvice/item/1038117-5-ways-a-home-garden-can-boost-the-aesthetic-value-of-your-house?rtmpage=null

10 Spring Maintenance Tips When Listing Your Home

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.03.2022

  1. Get Your Ducts Cleaned – It will help to provide cleaner breathing for in the home by removing all old materials in the air that have built up over the winter.
  2. Service The Furnace and Central Air – Annual services are recommended for the most effective mechanical maintenance to prolong each respective lifespan.
  3. Change Furnace Filters – Depending on the amount of people and pets in your home, you will want to change your furnace filter every 90 days give or take.
  4. Wipe Down All Surfaces – Dust settles in the most unwelcome places year-round but it is particularly important to remove it when you have the ducts cleaned.
  5. Wipe Down Vents – Often overlooked, bathroom vents and kitchen vents can get covered by thick layers of dust due to their excessive use which is not a good look!
  6. Change Fire Detector Batteries – Put new batteries in and test them before reinstalling, this is also an annual recommendation.
  7. Eavestrough Clearing – You always want water to flow away from your house which means allowing it easy access through the eavestrough, don’t forget to lower those down troughs!
  8. Aerate & Overseed Lawn – Although your house may sell prior to the lush green grass coming through, you will want to prepare for a beautiful lawn in the event the house does not sell for a few months (disregard for condos).
  9. Wash Windows – The one maintenance item that will improve both the interior and exterior simultaneously which is highly effective in improving showing quality.
  10. Power Wash – Taking the time to power wash your home exterior and driveway will provide an outstanding yet subtle elevation to your curb appeal.

Note that your home may require less or more home maintenance items. Every home is unique and an in-person Home Listing Consult is recommended. Call or text Tanya at 306-380-7325 for your complimentary consult to help sell your home for top dollar.

5 Minor Items, With Major Impact, That Home Sellers Forget To Replace

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.02.2022

  1. Furnace Filter – Change your furnace filter and leave the package nearby in clear view of the furnace. You will want to book an appointment with your tenant for this if the home is a rental.
  2. Weather Stripping – Especially if you live in a location where you experience all four seasons, you will want to ensure you have fresh weather stripping on all exterior doors of the property.
  3. Caulking – Take a close look at the caulking throughout your home, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Often times it is deteriorated or discolored and is a very inexpensive replacement cost, usually around $5, and fresh white caulking is outstanding for improving showing quality.
  4. Smoke Detectors – While this is not immediately impactful during showings, these will be tested during a home inspection so make sure they are functional, and you have the appropriate amount for the size of your home.
  5. Light Bulbs – Even if the room is only used for storage, a missing light bulb in any space will disrupt the flow of a showing and trigger a flag in the mind of potential buyers. Although the flag may be small, considering the cost of light bulbs, it is a worthy replacement.