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What To Expect When Selling Your Home In 2022

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.01.2022

  1. A Seller’s Market – Unless another global event alters the real estate market, like that of the pandemic, you will most likely experience Seller’s Market conditions in 2022. It is crucial that you work with a REALTOR® to capitalize on these conditions by following a sales strategy that is unique to your home type and location.
  2. Numerous Showings – Depending on your sales strategy, you may have to vacate your house for the entire first day of it being on the market for back-to-back showings. You might also have showings before it hits the market or numerous showings throughout the first week of it being on the market before you get an offer. Be flexible with your schedule for this reason.
  3. Pandemic Precautions – Hundreds of thousands of homes have been safely sold since the pandemic began. Talk to your REALTOR® about any specific precautions you would like taken during showings, however the most common include masks, sanitize, minimum attendees, and lights to be left on.
  4. Aggressive Offers – Prior to the pandemic, offers coming through over asking price were almost impossible short of a “Presentation of Offers” scenario but in 2021 offers at or over asking price became the norm. Of course, this is an expectation that is entirely dependent on your sales strategy which includes pricing according to market data.
  5. Competing Offers – If your sales strategy was successful, you will end of receiving more than one offer on the first day. You can discuss the pros and cons of each offer with your REALTOR® to ensure you are cognizant of any terms that might diminish the value of the offer. Remember that the highest price does not always equate to the best offer.
  6. Unqualified Offers – Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of buying a house, buyer’s overlook due diligence such as working with an experienced mortgage broker and/or REALTOR® so make sure your REALTOR® is screening for qualified buyers. An unqualified buyer can waste weeks of valuable market time and effectively lose several thousand dollars in would-be equity.

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5 Disastrous Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Home

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.12.2021

  1. Unrealistic Expectations – Securing your first home and your dream home in one shot is nearly impossible. In fact, very few First-Time Home Buyer’s fall in love with their property at the beginning. Sometimes they have very old finishes, shingles that need replacing, or some other item(s) that need updating. Be prepared to be underwhelmed but remember that most homeowners level up every five years or so and get closer to a home that has everything on their Wish List!
  2. Shopping Mortgage Brokers – While it is recommended that you review your options for lending institutions, as well as interviewing the mortgage associate directly, it is not recommended that you complete a full mortgage application process with each one. Each time you complete a mortgage application, your credit will be pulled therefore damaging it more with each additional application.
  3. Using Numerous REALTORS® – You will end up exhausted, confused, and there will be a lot of wasted time. The importance of using one professional is that there is one strategy that is being utilized to bring your real estate dreams to reality. You have full confidence in that professional and they understand your objectives clearly. You may even run into one of the other REALTORS® you were using during negotiations, so you lose your negotiating leverage.
  4. Furniture Shopping Before Possession – Picture this… you bought your dream home! Your possession date is in one month, so you decide to go furniture shopping and complete a full charge at your favourite furniture store. New couches, new bedroom set, table and chairs, your new home will look stellar. A week later, your possession date rolls around but it is not completed because your debt ratio is no longer approved by your mortgage lender.
  5. Viewing Homes Before Your Mortgage Qualification – You are wasting your time, your REALTORS® time, the sellers time, and the selling REALTORS® It is like going to a golf tournament with no clubs, it makes no sense and is an act in futility. You are also setting yourself up for disappointment in the event where you fall in love with the home, but you cannot make an offer because your finances are not in order.

For more tips on how to make your first home purchase a success, contact Tanya LaRose at 306-380-7325.

Top 5 Things To Avoid When Preparing To Sell Your House

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.11.2021

  1. Selling Without A REALTOR® - The instant gratitication of bypassing REALTOR® fees may be appealing, however it can be misleading in the big picture. The benefits of a skilled REALTOR® to the sale of your home typically includes selling at a higher price, more time available for yourself, and less stress. Often times homeowners will attempt to sell on their own, only to hire a REALTOR® due to frustration or failed deals, which means they spend even more money!
  2. Extensive Renovations - While some renovations or upgrades are great for resale, some are completely unnesseccary in the sense that the money put in will not directly add to the resale value. Yet another reason why it is so important to use a REALTOR®, you can save money before your house even hits the market.
  3. Forgetting To Clean - Clean is a subjective term so ensure that you clean the home even more than you usually would to satiate even the most discriminating buyer. Clean it with disinfectant, tidy it so everything is put in its place, and purge as much as possible so the space appears larger. One of the most efffective buyer turn-offs during a showing is a home that looks and smells like it is not clean.
  4. Forgetting Staging - Furniture placement to sell is sometimes different than furniture placement to live in. You can consult your REALTOR®, a professional staging company, or a Feng Shui professional for more tips on this. It is a direct factor in showing quality and showing quality is a direct factor in the amount buyers will offer.
  5. Keeping Up Family Photos - Depersonalizing your home is crucial so buyers can picture themselves in the home. Often times putting up more mirrors may allow for this visualization even more so. Along with taking down family photos, home owners should also take down any heavy religious or cultural decor, as this also play a considerable psychological factor during showings.


5 Safety Measures to Selling Your House During a Pandemic

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.10.2021

  1. Mask Requirement – As the mask mandates have been fluctuating since the pandemic began, those guidelines are followed by the real estate industry as well. Even if the provincial mandate is removed for masks, a homeowner can still request that masks are required in their home.
  2. Hand Sanitizer – While many home buyers already keep hand sanitizer readily available, sellers are welcome to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at the front door for use during showings.
  3. Leave Lights On – Homes look their best when they are well-lit. Therefore, to make sure your home looks its best and reduce unnecessary touching, leave the lights on before you leave for your scheduled showing time. Open those window coverings too!
  4. Leave Doors Open – Again, to minimize unnecessary touching - leave bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors open. Between the hand sanitizer and minimal touching measures, you should have added peace of mind.
  5. Minimal Attendees – Prior to the pandemic, it was not uncommon for home buyers to bring mom, dad, and the kids for additional perspectives. Given the intricacies of the pandemic, it is now recommended that only the most crucial attendees and signing authorities are in attendance during showings.

For more tips on preparing your home to sell, call Tanya LaRose at 306-380-7325. Stay safe out there!

Why Saskatoon? 5 Reasons Saskatoon Real Estate is an Excellent Investment – In A Nutshell. (Part 1)

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.09.2021

  1. POST-SECONDARY – Saskatoon attracts students from all over Canada and further. From the University of Saskatchewan to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic to the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, many post-secondary options are available which produces a high demand for student housing. Multi-unit developments, suited homes, and homes with multiple bedrooms are in constant motion in on the Saskatchewan MLS® making it easy for investors to capitalize on this demographic.
  2. CURRENT ATTRACTIONS – Did you know some of the artifacts found at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park are older than the pyramids? Saskatoon truly has some gems that are unique all on their own. Search the list created by the team at Tourism Saskatoon and you will be impressed: https://www.tourismsaskatoon.com/things-to-do/
  3. UPCOMING ATTRACTIONS – Between a state-of-the-art library and a $12.9 million downtown festival venue, Saskatoon is coming out of its shell in a big way. It is no surprise that Saskatoon’s average population increase has been consistent at 2% annually. Read more about some planning here: https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/saskatoon-city-councillors-to-mull-12-9-million-downtown-festival-site-1.5304032
  4. FESTIVAL CITY – Let the good times roll as Saskatoonians thrive on festivals and celebrations that take the city by storm almost every month of the year in Saskatoon. The most concentrated number of festivals take place during the summer including RibFest, Food Truck Wars, YXE Beer Wars, Fringe Festival, Jazz Festival, Taste of Saskatchewan and so much more! Look at the list, although many are continuously added on a regular basis, and choose your favourite: https://www.todocanada.ca/festivals-in-saskatoon/
  5. REAL ESTATE REBATES – The City of Saskatoon offers numerous rebates to home-owners and home builders. Many of them are incentives for continued growth, and geared toward the new development sector, however if that is an option for you as an investor, the value tied into these rebates are worth taking advantage of. The details of these programs can be viewed here: https://www.saskatoon.ca/business-development/land-development/rebate-program


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