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10 Tips To Protecting Your Home While Away On Vacation

Tanya LaRose 0 comments 01.02.2018

1.      Arrange for someone to shovel the walkway or mow the lawn – this will give the impression that the home is being kept.

2.      Inform your post office that you will be away for an extended period of time – nothing screams “nobody is home” louder than an overflowing mailbox.

3.      Set timers – exterior lighting, TV’s, music players, and anything else that can be automatically turned on without your presence is a great deterrent to anybody who might be watching your house.

4.      Do not leave a copy of the key anywhere outside – these can very easily be found by burglars who know all of the “typical” hiding spots.

5.      Do not close all of the curtains – especially if you normally leave them open, you will want to close a few and leave some open with clear view of light or TV on.

6.      Alert your alarm company – so they can be sure to send the police immediately upon any alerts, and if you do not have an alarm you can call around to a few companies to see if they have any specials going on like free installation prior to your departure.

7.      Lower your thermostat or air condition – in order to prevent an unnecessarily high bill upon your return, but if it is very cold outside you will want to take necessary precautions that the pipes do not freeze.

8.      Have someone check in on the house – in case emergency access is needed or even just to water the plants, it is ideal to leave a trusted friend or family member with a copy of the key.

9.      Turn your phone GPS off – as various apps publically identify your location automatically and may leave your empty house vulnerable to people you do not personally know.

10.   Minimize social media – because broadcasting that you are in miles away from your home defeats the purpose of many of the aforementioned precautionary measures you may have taken.