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Home staging is an age old selling technique that is finally reaching mainstream media. Studies show that staged homes sell in a shorter period of time and for a higher amount than homes that are not staged. Both vacant and fully-furnished home can benefit from professional staging. It is important to know that staging does not cast a wide net hoping to attract random buyers. The following are areas that an effective consultation with a staging professional will result in:

  1. The staging must assess the style of the home to correctly coordinate it with appropriate furniture and accessories that will appeal the most to the target buyer.
  2. The staging will present a lifestyle to the target buyer that aligns with their needs, wants, and aspirations which results in more pliability during negotiations.
  3. The staging will present your home in the same way multi-million dollar companies sell their products, without lack, in an attractive manner ready to be marketed by your real estate agent through photography and showings.
  4. The staging will provide a warm and welcoming environment during in-person showings that will results in potential buyers falling in love with the home.
  5. The staging will include elimination of buyer deterrents such as dirtiness, clutter, repairs, updates needed, and smells (among other things) while replacing them with attractive items such as luxurious soaps, scented candles, and fresh flowers.

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