The “Unlucky” Home Owner – 13 Reasons Why Your Home Is Not Selling

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  19.04.2017

  1. Pricing Too High – You know it is too high, your REALTOR® told you it was too high, but you practice “the law of attraction” so you are convinced it will sell $25,000 above market value. Start out at the right price so you can avoid chasing the market which typically results in a lower selling price, especially in a smaller market.
  2. Shortcuts For Necessary Home Repairs – You may think you have a chance at fooling a potential first-time home buyer but shoddy repairs will not fool an expert home inspector. Hire a professional for repairs to ensure you are not giving the buyer viable reasons to request a price reduction.
  3. Refusing To Be Inconvenienced – Did you just work a 12 hour night shift? Do you have 6 children to clean up after? Are you extremely hungover? Regardless of the reason, it is important to ensure your home is clean and tidy prior to every showing. Additionally, please vacate the home for every showing!
  4. Disregarding Deadlines – Did you end up listing your family home in October when your REALTOR® advised you to list it 3 months prior to September to appeal to new families coming to the neighborhood for school? The entire process of selling a home is full of deadlines that can make or break a sale so be ready to cater to such timelines.
  5. Lacking/Incorrect Staging – Leaving your worn out sectional in the living room or a table set from the 70’s in the kitchen will only hurt the sale of your home. Cheap furniture will bring a cheap offer.
  6. Improper Lighting – If you leave the blinds drawn and have yet to replace 4 burnt out light bulbs, this may be effecting your home appeal. Most people want to live in a well-lit home.
  7. Too Personal – Do you keep hundreds of family photos or have a life-sized nude sculpture on display? You need to remove anything too personal or offensive and present a neutral palette to potential buyers.
  8. Bad Photography – Are the pictures advertising your home dark lit with a dog running through the house and the toilet seat up? The photos should be taken with minimal distractions, showcasing the homes best features, using correct angles, and retouched in editing.
  9. Stubbornness – Did you refuse an offer that was $2000 lower than your bottom line and the buyer walked away? Did you just buy that brand new freezer that the buyers are requesting to include in the purchase? Maintain flexibility when you enter into negotiations and remember the bigger picture which is getting rid of the first home so you can enjoy a new location!
  10. Sentimentalism – Selling your home can be one of the most emotionally charged tasks you will ever experience. Your home is full of precious memories that you will never get back but when you decide to sell your home you must also decide to let go of any emotional attachment you may have to the house.
  11. The Wrong Representation – Putting a sign on the front lawn does not sell a house. Make sure you talk to your REALTOR® about their sale strategies, social media presence, possible promotions, and how often they will be available to you.
  12. Minimal Online Presence – Nowadays the internet is the first place over 90% of buyer’s go to search for a home. A good REALTOR® will have a strong social media presence on multiple platforms, utilize Search Engine Optimization, and pay for ads.
  13. For Sale By Owner – Unless you want to wear a hat for the next month you probably should not cut your own hair just because you have your own scissors. The same goes for real estate, hire a professional for optimal results. You might be paying $15,000 in commissions but you may also be selling for $30,000 more than you would have without the expertise of a REALTOR®.

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