8 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.02.2023

Do not let the shorter and colder winter days stop your home improvement journey. Here are some easy and budget friendly home renovation ideas that you can do before springtime arrives.

1. Regrout Your Bathroom

If you’ve been ignoring your bathroom, you can make it up and give it the visual refresh that it needs by regrouting your bathroom tiles. The warmer temperatures and increased humidity of the other seasons could take a toll on your bathroom’s squeaky clean image due to increased hard water stains and mildew, but winter is the perfect time to restore your bathroom tile to squeaky clean.

2. Upgrade Your Living Room Lighting

Soft white lighting and warm lighting tend to work best in living room spaces and can work wonders to transform this gathering space into one that is inviting and welcoming. You get to decide how much or how little you want to do, and ultimately how big or how small of a project you want to make of this endeavor. Make sure to do this it at night when you can see how different placements of light fixtures illuminates your home.

3. Add Energy-Efficient Insulation

The winter season can become costly if you haven’t taken time to ensure that your home is properly insulated. With the high cost of fuel and energy at present, you would be wise to take the necessary steps to upgrade and resolve any insulation issues for your home now, so you could start saving. The winter season gives you the upper hand in terms of identifying problem areas because you can detect gaps, cracks, and open spaces a bit easier thanks to the presence of the cold air. Find the holes and gaps around your walls and floors, then fill them in with an energy-efficient material like spray foam, which expands upon application to take up space and create the desired barrier and block air.

4. Paint

Applying a coat of paint to your walls, cabinets, tiles, etc. can bring new life to your home. Manufacturers offer the best deals on paint during the late fall and winter. Winter also is when professional painters have fewer clients, which translates to lower prices. There’s also less moisture and humidity in the air during the winter, which means paint bonds to surfaces better and dries faster. There’s also no need to open all the windows either with low-VOC paints as it doesn’t need outside air; it just needs circulation.

5. Remove dying trees

If you have a troublesome tree on your property, you could save money by removing it in the winter, particularly in February and March. That’s because tree companies become busy in the late spring and summer when winds and stormy weather requires emergency tree removal.

The colder ground also makes tree removal advantageous during the winter. Frozen ground can keep nearby vegetation in place, making the removal less disruptive to the surroundings (though you may need to wait until the ground thaws to complete the stump removal).

6. Deep Clean Carpets and Upholstery

Hosting family and friends for the holidays can take a serious toll on carpets and upholstery. If you’re dealing with a bunch of new stains and spot cleaners just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to get out the heavy machinery. You can rent a professional-grade cleaner from just about any hardware store, or hire a pro to do an even better job.

7. Upgrade your Bathroom’s Fixtures

There’s nothing like a hot bath or a scalding shower on a cold winter night, and upgrading your bath fixtures is a relatively easy way to make self-care even more enjoyable. Invest in a luxurious high-pressure shower head, swap your old faucets for nicer models, install a bidet, and/or invest in more efficient toilets. Not only will your bathroom feel better but will also improve your overall quality of life.

8. Painting Your Garage Floors This Winter

The benefits of coating your garage floors in paint are numerous. The paint will help keep the floors intact which will benefit the homes resale value. Painting the garage floor will make cleaning your garage feel less like a chore and more seamless. This can also double as an opportunity to clean out any junk you have sitting in your garage. Before painting make sure all dirt is swept off the floor so the paint sticks better. The cold air will help the paint dry faster.

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