Honey Do List: 7 Spring Starting Tips For Homeowners (Interior Edition)

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  02.04.2018

  1. General Cleaning – Time to deep clean! Wash walls, floors, light-fixtures, underneath appliances, above cabinets, windows, window coverings, and carpet. Removing any dust, mites, and allergens will make for a healthier spring.
  2. Investigate Thoroughly – Houses change over the years so you will want to investigate every corner and crevasse to ensure there is no mould growth, dampness, or openings that might be an access point for any insects or rodents.
  3. Observe Plumbing – You will want to take a look at all of the plumbing in your house from bathrooms to the kitchen and mechanical room alike. Make sure there is no sweating, bulging, or leaks on any of the pipes. If you find something irregular – call the plumber.
  4. Touch-Up Caulking – If the caulking is in rough shape, you may want to skip the touch-ups and completely strip and re-caulk to ensure your doors and windows look their best for spring.
  5. Air-Filter Replacement – Replace those dirty air filters or if you have a re-usable filter, take it out for a good vacuum and wash.
  6. Dehumidify – Depending on your mechanical space, you may be able to manually lower the humidity in the house. If you are in an older house, buy a quality dehumidifier for those higher temperatures.
  7. Complete A Safety Inspection – Check all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning properly. Also be sure to include a fire distinguisher in the kitchen.

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