9 Nightmarish Home Reno’s with a Horrible Return on Investment

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  31.10.2018


  1. Swimming Pool – A luxury item that, for the cost of installation, will definitely not improve your home value dollar for dollar. Plus those maintenance costs might be viewed as a deterrent as well.
  2. Faux Grass – Niche items like faux grass are not popular enough for buyers to equate a higher property value than an immediate comparable with regular grass.
  3. Sunroom – Another niche item but this one is highly dependent on climate and demographic justify the value in its presence.
  4. Garage Re-model – Man caves are very popular these days but are considered superfluous to most buyers, especially large families.
  5. Custom Closet Re-model – Closets may seem like a small project but can get away on you so approach this one with severe caution.
  6. Master Suite Addition – Although it would probably bring the home to the top of the list among most house hunters, the cost may not be substantiated as a benefit over having not completed the addition at all.
  7. Home Theatre – A theatre is luxury item that may not speak to the majority of buyers, especially in towns or cities with a smaller population.
  8. Combining Bedrooms to Enlarge One – In this scenario, empty nesters may opt for this but it does not improve your home value in the slightest and often ends up lowering property value.
  9. Chasing Trends – Shag rugs and stipple ceilings are a great example of accents to your home that may repulse buyers in a few years so choose wisely.

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