Pet Etiquette For Home Buyers & Sellers

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  03.06.2019

Buying and selling a home can be difficult for everyone without the added twist of a furry dependent. However homes with pets sell all the time and there is an observed etiquette for such situations. It is well-known that pets are like family members and there are certain things to remember during showings to be respectful.


  1. Close Doors Immediately – If you enter a home, be sure to close the door immediately behind you in case the cat wants to sneak out! You do not want to begin negotiations with telling the home owners that 15 year old “Whiskers” ran away.
  2. Do Not Touch The Pets – No tapping on fish tanks, no putting your fingers in the bird cage, and do not even think about going near any kennels.


  1. Down Time In The Kennel – Although you are free to leave your pet “as is” at home, there is no guaranteeing the safety of the pet or potential buyer during the showing. Kenneling is a common option as long as your pet is healthy enough to do so.
  2. Remove Pets During Showings – If possible, swing by your home prior to the scheduled showing time and pick up your fur baby. Or maybe they can go to a sitters for the day.
  3. Temporarily Relocate – If you have family or friends that are open to keeping your pet while your home is on the market, that would be ideal.
  4. Showing Quality – Repair any damage your pet may have caused to flooring, doors, trim, etc. and take steps to remove any odor or stains.

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