7 Things To Remember About Staging As a Home Owner, Home Buyer, and REALTOR®

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.05.2019

  1. Staging Is Like The Lipstick Of A Home – You can show up without it, but you’ll get more attention when you have taken the time to apply it properly. It also means no staging is better than very poor staging.
  2. A Home Staged To Sell Is Different Than A Home Staged To Live In – Furniture style and trends take precedent over furniture placement. Nobody will notice if the cutlery is not in order or if a coat rack is not directly next to the door. However everyone will notice if you try to stage a home with pieces of furniture from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.
  3. Psychological Cues – Staging is meant to peak the buyers attention on both a conscious and subconscious level relying on colours, balance, and flow. If the visual makes them feel good, they will associate this feeling with the home.
  4. Vacant Homes – Always invest in staging for vacant homes as it is proven to bring more showings and higher offers. It also minimizes the initial appearance of the homes deficiencies.
  5. Staging Is Meant To Inspire – When the home is vacant, viewing only a few staged rooms is beneficial because it offers creative inspiration, and scale, while allowing potential buyers space to envision their own furniture.
  6. Respect The Staging – If you are in a staged home, it is customary to  avoid sitting on the furniture or walking on the rugs. Think of it as art, it is meant to be admired and not touched.
  7. Staging Is Not Magic – No type of furniture will sell a home if it is wildly overpriced, make sure it is priced according to market value.

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