8 Features In A House That Signify A Luxury Home

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.10.2020

Certain features signify luxury when it comes to real estate. The following list is compiled for homebuyers to become familiar with what features to keep an eye out for when viewing homes, or for homeowners to keep in mind when completing renovations to improve their home equity. Generally, each feature costs more in terms of product and services. Can you add to the list?

  1. Crown Moldings – For centuries crown moldings have only been seen in luxurious homes. Although they are not necessary, when they are installed it is important to ensure they are in balance with the baseboards and the rest of the home design to avoid a busy effect. https://www.royalmouldingsinc.com/blog/10-things-didnt-know-crown-moulding/#:~:text=%2010%20Things%20You%20Didn%E2%80%99t%20Know%20About%20Crown,century%2C%20all%20moulding%20was%20carved%20by…%20More
  2. Tall Baseboards – In general, the smaller the baseboard the less it costs. Not only that but a taller baseboard lends to a more attractive aesthetic finish. It is the happy medium between a lower end baseboard and wainscotting which creates an extremely formal room finish. https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/what-is-wainscoting/
  3. High Ceilings – In terms of cost, this feature adds to the cost of construction due to increased material and labor. It also lends to a feeling of grandeur while in the home which home buyers prefer therefore increasing the value of the home.
  4. High-Efficiency Furnace – When accounting for the state of the climate and the lower monthly bills, the obvious choice is to opt for a high-efficiency furnace. While it does cost more at the beginning, the investment pays for itself over the years. https://allclimatehvac.com/commercial-heating-in-fridley/furnace-replacement-fridley/high-efficiency-vs-standard-furnaces/
  5. Exterior Venting Kitchen Hood Fan – In Saskatoon, most hood fan’s do not vent outside. When the fan is turned on, the condensation suctioned up goes back into the room. It leads to strong smells in the home that are impossible to remove and a high humidity level which can lead to other problems. When shopping for homes, always ask your REALTOR® if the hood fan vents outside.
  6. Triple Pane Windows – Not only do triple pane windows lend to better home efficiency but they also provide a better sound barrier. Over the years, they ensure the best aesthetic appeal with no condensation build up.
  7. Upgraded Flooring – Hardwood floors are gorgeous and always highly coveted but durable laminate is sometimes the better option as they are more durable for high-traffic homes or homes that are pet-friendly. These days, laminate comes in a wide variety of durable and attractive styles.
  8. Stucco Exterior – Although there are a few other exterior finishes that signify wealth, including culture stone and brick, none are quite as common as a nice acrylic stucco. If done properly, stucco will last for decades in the same quality as when it was initially applied. It is also common to pair it with accents of culture stone, for added style while not breaking the bank. https://blog.renovationfind.com/benefits-of-choosing-acrylic-stucco-for-your-home/

If you are looking for a home with these features, contact Tanya LaRose at 306-380-7325 to be connected with a previously enjoyed home or a home builder that specializes in luxury development.

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