How NOT To Work With A Real Estate Agent

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  02.11.2020

  1. Ask More Than One Real Estate Agent To Help You – Not only should a real estate agent not have to waste their time helping you, with no possibility of getting compensated for their time and knowledge (do you go to work and not expect to get paid?), but REALTORS® are not allowed to interfere with other REALTORS® clients – LEGALLY! To avoid this double whammy, often you can part ways with your real estate agent and choose another if you feel the first one is not the right fit.
  2. Lie To Your Real Estate Agent – Whether you are trying to lie about how much of a mortgage you are pre-approved for or that there is a lien on your house, it is completely futile. Any skilled real estate agent will find it out anyway. Save yourself some time and tell the truth. The more truthful information you provide, the more effectively your real estate agent can help you.
  3. Secretly Try To Squeeze Your Real Estate Agent Out Last Minute – Every now and then a scenario will arise where a seller and buyer might think negotiating between themselves as an option and try to complete the deal without informing their real estate agent. If this route is taken, you may find yourself going to court with the buyer or seller you have negotiated with due to failure to disclose or some other variable lacking in documentation. You might also find yourself going to court with a real estate brokerage if you signed any contracts with them.
  4. Not Taking The Advice Your Real Estate Agent Gives You –  If your REALTOR® tells you that your offer is too low and you insist on submitting it only to infuriate the seller and get yourself banned from any future offers, you might want to start listening to your agent. If your REALTOR® tells you that your home is worth $350,000 but you insist on listing it at $400,000 and it does not get any showings for five months, you might want to start listening to your agent. The number of situations that need advising on is endless, so you might want to start listening to your agent.
  5. Avoid Asking Your Real Estate Agent Questions – No question is a stupid question. Hopefully, you have chosen a skilled professional who speaks fluent REALTOR® and understands that most people do not. Which brings us back to point #1 (above): when you commit to one real estate agent, a relationship of trust can be developed so you can feel free to direct all of your real estate questions to them 365 days a year!   

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