Top 5 Things To Avoid When Preparing To Sell Your House

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.11.2021

  1. Selling Without A REALTOR® – The instant gratitication of bypassing REALTOR® fees may be appealing, however it can be misleading in the big picture. The benefits of a skilled REALTOR® to the sale of your home typically includes selling at a higher price, more time available for yourself, and less stress. Often times homeowners will attempt to sell on their own, only to hire a REALTOR® due to frustration or failed deals, which means they spend even more money!
  2. Extensive Renovations – While some renovations or upgrades are great for resale, some are completely unnesseccary in the sense that the money put in will not directly add to the resale value. Yet another reason why it is so important to use a REALTOR®, you can save money before your house even hits the market.
  3. Forgetting To Clean – Clean is a subjective term so ensure that you clean the home even more than you usually would to satiate even the most discriminating buyer. Clean it with disinfectant, tidy it so everything is put in its place, and purge as much as possible so the space appears larger. One of the most efffective buyer turn-offs during a showing is a home that looks and smells like it is not clean.
  4. Forgetting Staging – Furniture placement to sell is sometimes different than furniture placement to live in. You can consult your REALTOR®, a professional staging company, or a Feng Shui professional for more tips on this. It is a direct factor in showing quality and showing quality is a direct factor in the amount buyers will offer.
  5. Keeping Up Family Photos – Depersonalizing your home is crucial so buyers can picture themselves in the home. Often times putting up more mirrors may allow for this visualization even more so. Along with taking down family photos, home owners should also take down any heavy religious or cultural decor, as this also play a considerable psychological factor during showings.


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