5 Camping Trip Tips While Still Trying To Sell Your House

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.07.2022

Any serious camper knows that having the right gear is essential for a successful trip. From tents and sleeping bags to stoves and lanterns, there is a lot to keep track of and organize. Unfortunately, all that gear can quickly become a cluttered mess that could derail your efforts to sell your house! With summertime in full swing, utilize these tips to ensure that packing (and unpacking) for your trip is as easy as can be:

1. Clean Your Gear

Before storing away any camping gear in your home or garage, make sure to clean it. That includes your tent, sleeping bags, boots, kitchenware, etc. After that, ensure everything is dry before stuffing them into their respective containers. This will ensure that mildew does not grow and wreck any of your camping gear.

2. Storage Bins

Not only do plastic bins provide a convenient and compact way of storing your camping gear, but you can also take the entire plastic box with you on your camping trip. For example, if one box is filled with all your kitchen supplies, from your cutlery and dish soap to your pots and pans, you can simply grab that plastic pin and throw it in your trunk, knowing you have all your kitchen accessories covered. Make sure to label them to know what is in each container!

3. Shelving

One way to keep your camping gear organized is to install shelving in your garage or storage shed. Shelving provides a place to store everything from coolers and duffel bags to fishing poles and hiking boots. In addition, shelving can help to protect your gear from being damaged by moisture or pests.

4. Utilize Your Gear

Take advantage of the space your gear provides. Instead of storing away empty items like backpacks, ice chests, and bear canisters, pack them with smaller items. Can you store your water bottles in your hiking backpack? And then can you put that backpack in your ice chest or bear canister? Consolidating your gear will help you save on storage space.

5. Get Rid of Duplicate Gear

To reduce clutter, get rid of any gear that you do not use or need. If it is broken properly dispose or recycle the item. If the gear is still in decent shape, consider selling or donating it. This will not only declutter your space, but it will also make organizing and packing a lot easier.

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