10 Productive Homeowner Tasks To Do While Staying Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  01.04.2020

Even if you are not planning on selling your home, you always want to protect your investment and keep it in its best condition. Alternatively, if you plan on selling your home this year, take advantage of the added time you are spending in your home and help it look its best for when the time comes to put it on the market. Many of the following tasks can be done with minimal to no supplies. If supplies are needed, they can be delivered to your home. 

  1. Deep Clean – Many surfaces build up dust and grime easily over time which could make your home a hotbed for germs. Take this time to remove dust from all edges, disinfect all crevices, and remove all grime buildup on fixtures or doors (vinegar works great on doors!).
  2. Replace Batteries – It is always good to ensure the nuts and bolts of your home are running properly. Whether it is on your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, alarm system, or thermostat, check those batteries! These items would also be identified in a home inspection.
  3. Replace Filters – Filters are like the lungs of a home. Check your furnace filter, humidifier filter, range hood filter, and any other filters in your home that might need addressing. You may have to just wash some of those filters but be sure to do your research on which ones cannot be washed. 
  4. Check Grout – Tile can often be found in bathrooms and kitchens not only for aesthetics but also functional reasons. You will want to make sure to always repair and clean the grout as it will prolong the life of tiled surfaces and it just looks so much better. 
  5. Check Caulking – You will find the bulk of this in any bathrooms and the kitchen too. Run your finger along the caulking and if you find any open spots, strip and replace. Caulking is very inexpensive but a leak could cause hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in replacements. 
  6. Tighten Up – After a long winter, doorknobs, railings, and racks may be sitting loose. Take out a screwdriver and tighten things up! The entire house should take 15-30 minutes and prevent a full replacement in the future. 
  7. Tape, Mud, And Sand – If you have a few quarter sized dents in your walls that you have been walking by for months, now could be a good time to try your hand at repairing them. Larger sections are not recommended as this project can produce a lot of dust and prompt the need to clean your ducts which is something you would want to avoid right now.
  8. Paint – Whether you are painting a discolored room or just to change the vibe in the room, now is a great time to take on this smaller project as there are many non-toxic paint options available. Many people also find painting therapeutic which would be beneficial during these times of uncertainty. 
  9. Wash Window Treatments – If you have horizontal blinds, it is worth the time and effort to thoroughly clean the dust off of these. If you have drapes, take them down and wash them, you might be surprised at the original color! 
  10. Yard Work – As long as you are still adhering to the physical distancing regulations, feel free to get those yard tools out this spring, just take a break if your neighbor comes out to tackle their yard. Don’t forget your gutters! 

If after this thorough comb-over of your home, you find that it does not suit your needs as much as it once did, contact Tanya LaRose at 306-380-7325. You will receive a free Homeowner’s Counselling Session completed remotely from the comfort of your own home. 

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