The 7 Most Common Items Needed For Your Mortgage Pre-Approval Appointment

 Tanya LaRose  0comments  02.03.2020

  1. Government Issued Photo ID – Ensure it is not expired and has your current address.
  2. Proof Of Address – You may need your address history, depending on your current living circumstances.
  3. Proof Of Income – T4, pay stubs, child tax, etc.
  4. Contact Information For Your Employer – A longstanding employer is always best but your employment history might be required.
  5. Proof Of Down Payment – It should reflect the exact amount and where it came from (gifts are allowed as well).
  6. Any Outstanding Current Debt – You will need to include all financial obligations and anything that may have damaged/ing your credit.
  7. Proof Of Assets – Other real estate, savings, vehicles, investments, etc.

Disclaimer: Mortgage pre-approvals vary from person-to-person and financial institution-to-financial institution so other items may be needed. It is also important to note that you may get a rejection from one mortgage specialist and an approval from another. Call or text Tanya LaRose at 306-380-7325 for a highly-skilled mortgage specialist contact.

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